Bella Baby Photography: Life-lasting memories of Luciana Briones baby

Bella Baby Photography: Life-lasting memories of Luciana Briones baby

Bella Baby Photography captured my first baby girl Luciana’s pictures in this world. I loved so much the experience that I had to share it with all of you. Yes! Baby Briones is here!

Very recently, I gave birth to my first-born baby girl in Cincinnati, Ohio. The whole pregnancy and birth are miracle experiences. There is no feeling that matches this one. College graduation, marriage, or job promotion come very short in comparison. The whole experience of nurturing and unconditionally loving a little seed inside one that turns into a tiny human person has no explanation, but it is a fact. The love that my husband and I have for our baby make us whole.


Bella Baby Photography helped us captured the best time of our life. While I was pregnant I partnered up with Bella Baby for a photoshoot session for my future child. After the baby was delivered I contacted Bella Baby to inform them that the baby had arrived and scheduled an appointment within a day at the hospital. The photographer was punctual even though Cincinnati traffic is heavy and the fact that the photographer had to drive from Kettering, OH, which is more than an hour away. She knocked on the door of our room and she was very polite and pleasant. She also spoke in a low tone to not disturb the newborn. Moreover, she provided very useful and cute posses suggestions. The photographer was very experienced and professional. She knew how to swaddle and how to comfort the baby to keep her calm while taking the pictures. My husband and I also appeared in some of the photos with the baby. The whole session lasted less than half an hour and the photographer took fifteen different photos, including the baby with multiple swaddles and positions. The photographer left and within an hour I received, by email, the post-processed photos of my baby girl.

I, definitely, recommend Bella Baby Photography for birth photos. I would certainly want them to take photos when Luciana becomes a toddler. They demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and responsibility. I do not think Bella Baby Photography would ever disappoint you. These photographers offer a high-quality service with expediated photo delivery.

I hope you use Bella Baby Photography services to capture your babies’ memories. I thank Bella Baby photography for their professionalism and quality of service provided for this unforgettable moment in my life.

Here are Bella Baby photography social media links (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) if you’d like to check out their amazing portfolio work. Do not forget to use the hashtag #BellaBabyPhotos to find gorgeous newborn photoshoots.

This blog post is sponsored by Bella Baby Photography.

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