Halloween Effortless Kitten Costume

Hello! I hope you’re ready for Halloween! If you are not, then I wrote this blog post to help you create an easy and effortless Halloween costume. This Halloween I’ll be wearing two costumes. This is because I am going to different Halloween parties and both are going to be in different days. However, I’ll be sharing with you the one that I didn’t need to wear to impress. Without further ado, let’s start with what I wore and what tools I used to create this look.

I decided to create a kitten makeup Halloween look because I love kitties so much, and these looks can make you look classic and sexy. Therefore, I did my hair a previous day, so I could be able to do my hair updo. To create the hair with waves I used this curling iron. I love that curling iron because it makes my hair manageable and shiny. However, to create this hair wavy look I had to go through a process to style it. I had to blow dry it, then flat iron it and lastly, I used the curling iron.

For the makeup look, I’ll be linking the products I used below. It was easy, quick and effortless. What I did was to apply a smoky eyeshadow. I used a black color eyeshadow for the crease. I also applied a gold color all over my lid (Please be cautious with the black eyeshadow, as it can get really messy) Then I applied my makeup base, contour, and highlight. The final touch was the lipstick and whiskers.

The outfit look was extremely comfortable as I wore a cute faux fur sweater, faux leather leggings, and black booties. The final touch was my kitty glitter headband and my Rocksbox earrings. Remember that you can still get ONE FREE MONTH of Rocksbox if you used the code: merlotandchatxoxo when applied to check out.  You can shop my outfit below:

I hope you had enjoyed this fashion blog post. Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay safe and Happy Halloween!


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