How to Communicate Easily in a Foreign Country

1. Use body language: This part of non-verbal communication is efficiently when going to those countries that they may not speak or understand a word in English.

2. Learn some necessary words: learning some words is the most important aspect of traveling to another country. It aids you to create more confidence when there is a need to speak up for something.

3. Research in advance the culture and traditions of the country you are traveling to: This part is very important. Many people make mistakes when booking a ticket to a country where they should be aware of physical appearances such as outfit. The appearance that one portrays is going to define you as a person who respects their ideologies and also care for communicating accordingly to their beliefs.

4. Always try to be polite: It is a very courteous form to always say Hello and Thank You in the local language where you are. Locals appreciate that you care enough to speak courteous words in their country.

5. Carry a translation tool: It may be a pocket dictionary or an app that can translate effectively phrases and words so you can put together a sentence. There are many apps such as Google Translate, which you can take a picture of the word and then you can see the translation. There is no need to be connected to WiFi to use this specific translation tool.

I hope to hear more tips on how to communicate easily in a foreign country that you have used in the past. Feel free to comment below!

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